In the Beginning

     There are a lot of medical blogs out there.  I’m reading quite a few of them and one thing that strikes me is that most of them are written from the medical personnel perspective and not enough from the patient’s point of view.  What expertise do I have in this area you ask?  Well, I’ll tell ya, and I’m going to try to make a long story short.

     It started in 2001 after my mom passed away.  I was having a summer with one kidney infection after another that were so bad they were putting me in the hospital.  This led to a cystoscopy to see what was going on.  This led to the discovery that a suture had perfed my bladder during a long time ago bladder sling.  This led to a gyne referral who suggested going in laproscopicly to remove any further material that might have been left behind.  This sounded reasonable enough to me so I started making what arrangements I needed to.  My g/f came out to take me back and forth to the hospital and I even told my husband to go to work and that I would probably be home before he was.  It was a good plan.  I had the surgery scheduled for a Friday, I would spend the weekend popping percocet and watching movies and back to my usual self on Mon.  Well ya know what they say about making plans?  Don’t.

     My colon got perfed during surgery and I woke up being wheeled into recovery with a colostomy instead and pain the likes of which I was in no way prepared for.  I saying  “it hurts,” when a nurse leaned over me and told me they had just given me a big shot of fentanyl and I had stopped breathing, and all I could think was….WTF happenned to me?

     I started hearing the word colostomy and complications and not completely understanding what was going on.  I do know that every doctor or nurse that came in my room heard the same thing.  “This is not the surgery I signed up for!”  I also remember waking up to my husband at my side holding my hand.  You’ll find that’s a theme throughout certain watershed moments in my life.  My husband at my side.   Just so ya know, while I’m aware that a lot of this is going to come off as complaining, I’m also completely aware that the previous fact makes me one of the luckiest people I know.  I hope this blog will encourage debate and dialogue on  both sides of the nurse’s station.