I Still Have My Appendix

     I had my hysterectomy in 1996.  I remember my doc telling me that as long as he was in there he would go ahead and take out my appendix.  I understand at one time that was standard operating procedure for abdominal surgery.  I don’t know if it still is or not.  Either way, it sounded okay to me.  For some reason, when I woke up in recovery that was the only thing on my mind so I asked my doctor if he got it out and he told me he couldn’t get to it due to it being behind all my intestines.  I asked him what would happen if I ever got appendicitis and he told me not to worry because at the age of 35 I was really too old for that to happen.  I spent my first night post-op falling asleep to CNN and woke up to hear that Pope John Paul was recovering nicely from his emergency appendectomy.  A dozen or so surgeries later and guess what?  I still have my appendix.