Tales from the ER Gurney

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     On New Year‘s Eve I found myself stuck on an er gurney for about 9 hours waiting on an icu bed.  While it wasn’t much fun for me, it did give me insight into the many patients that came and went while I was waiting.  It was these people that gave me insight into what Nurse K and ER Doc go through all the time.

     I’ll start with the upper 20 something woman that came in at 3am with an ear ache.  Really?  An ear ache is what brings you to the er at 3am?  On New Year’s Eve?  Yes, the pain was so bad it woke her out of a sound sleep.  How is an ear ache an emergency?  Was it falling off?  Bleeding?  Was there brain matter leaking out of it?  No? Then take some motrin, take some tylenol and go back to sleep, and see  your doctor on Tuesday.  It’s not like I’m trying to eavesdrop but it’s a curtain, not a wall people.

     This brings me to my favorite guy of the night.  I didn’t catch his birthdate so couldn’t tell you his age, but if I have to guess it’s close to mine.  He was right after earache girl and he said that he was there because his wife told him he had not one, but 2 seizures the last one about an hour before he came in.  It did leave me to wonder where his wife was that he had to drive himself in.  After further questioning his seizure are now more like blackouts and the real reason he came in became quite clear to me.  Seems for the first time in 4 years he was out of his oxycontin and xanax prescription and was hoping the doctor would write him enough to “get by” to see his family doctor.  If I wasn’t a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale I would have laughed out loud.  It was all I could do not to shout out “Let me know how that works out for you buddy.”  He didn’t get his script, instead he got the er doc telling him he was going to have to make a report of his seizure to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and was probably going to lose his driving privileges until if could be medically documented that he was seizure free for six months and no, calling it a “black out” was not going to change that.

     Before I could get any more, my icu bed was ready and I was just happy to be getting off that damn gurney.  Happy New Year!


6 thoughts on “Tales from the ER Gurney

  1. What?!? No Snow on your page?
    Why were you there, again? 😦 I am glad you are home and next time can you take more notes about the other people to come in to the er? It would make for some interesting reading.

    • The snow was a holiday gift from WordPress. Hospital was because I got another massive kidney infection, thing was this time I really had no idea how sick I was getting. Rudy kept telling me I needed to go and my mind kept telling me I would feel better after some sleep. That went on for about 4 days.

      I got up and go so dizzy and felt so sick, Sarah took one look at me and said either she was taking me or calling the ambulance and I just didn’t have the energy to argue with her. You know how exhausting it is to argue with your teenage daughter, Shelly.

      For sure going to pay more attention to the other patients, it was the most interesting part of my night, I could not believe some of the stuff I was hearing. Most importantly, I love you too.

  2. Hi Lindylu – I’m sorry you ended up in the ED. And glad you are feeling better now. may we both have a healthy year ahead of us.

    It will be one year on March 17th since the large ureteral stent was removed and I am feeling great. I know that when a stricture occurs ..scarring closed happens silently and has been a chronic condition. But, I have taken on a new way of dealing with it. Instead of being fearful and waiting for the other shoe to drop – (did that 4 5 out of the 6 yrs since all first happened), I am thanking God for my healing. Started doing that last winter. This past summer was the FIRST time that the compromised function in r kidney went back up. YAY. Historically it went down after each stricture – completely closed off) I am so grateful I have managed to avoid the high risk surgery. The last relapse happened only after 7 mos and was such a shock to me. So have passed that. the longest I went after that big stone was 18 mos and 1st relapse at 15 mos. I am believing I will pass that and be home free and I will be one happy SeaSpray. 🙂 In the mean time …I just keep praying and thanking him for the good reports and open ureter. maybe that sounds crazy, but I’ve read 2 nooks on healing that really impacted and inspired me. Sorry – long comment.

    May you and your family have a most blessed and joyous New Year. 🙂

    • So happy to hear you’re feeling good! This anniversarry really is a milestone for you. I’m realizing that I need to thank God for all that he’s doing in my life. Not trying to make this sound dramatic but I’ve been close to death on more than one occasion and He’s still performing miracles on my behalf. I certainly didn’t do anything to deserve it yet here it is and I’m humbled by it. Thanks for reminding me that I need to be greatful in all things

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