I Won’t be a Lesbian in Kentucky

     Right before I left for New York, I saw my doctor to go over my MRI results.  He said my shoulder showed a lot of inflammation and for that to show up on an MRI means it’s really pretty bad.  My C-spine showed 3 herniated discs in my neck.  Normally, he would try steroid injections, but he had some concerns,  Steroids lower the immune system and send blood sugars through the stratosphere.  Soooo, it’s off to see the neurosurgeon.

     I really don’t want another surgery.  I’ve been getting pins and needles down through both arms that I assumed were neuropathy, really painful that lasts all day long.  Evidently it’s from the herniated discs.  As much as I don’t want another surgery, if I could get a significant reduction in pain maybe I could go back to work.  How in the hell did I manage to herniate 3 discs anyway?  It certainly was not from looking at hot guys in speedo’s.

     I guess I’ll know more after I see the surgeon.  A friend of mine just had surgery for 2 herniated discs in her neck and she has a 90% reduction in her pain and gives me a lot of hope, that’s the doctor I’m going to see. I know they go in through the neck and that sounds pretty high-risk to me.  I’ll post an update after I see him.

     I know the hospital has internet, so who knows,  I might just update while I’m in the hospital.  Of course the last time I did that, I emailed my sister and told her I was going to move to Kentucky and become a lesbian.  That took some explaining.


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