Lucy I’m Home!!!!

New York City Times Square

     I’m so happy to be home, NYC was a bust.  My husband couldn’t leave the Hotel room he got so sick.  Sarah and I decided to make the best of it and she and I had a good time walking everywhere.  Lisa went out walking with us the first night and she pretty quickly learned that New York is not a good place to text while walking.

     It was soooo hot while we were there.  I don’t know if it was all the walking or not  but I got severe pitting edema in my feet, legs and hands.  Flying made it worse and I ended up walking barefoot at Midway airport.  I slipped my sandals off while flying and couldn’t get them back on to save my life.

     The shopping was awesome, I think the cheesecake was good, though it was hard to tell given that Rudy ate all of mine.  I can’t rate the reuben sandwich I ordered because he ate that too! 

    We stayed at the New Yorker and had an incredible view.  Our suite had a terrace and we could see Madison Square Garden, and the Empire State building was directly across from us. 

     There are a lot of lessons learned from this trip as well.  I’m still processing what those were.  One of them just might be that the third martini is almost always a mistake.  If you ask for extra olives you get enough to fill you up.


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