When you’re not sure you want to Go.

     I’m so patriotic it borders on the corny.  I fully support our troops and I fly my flag high.  The fourth is coming up and I find myself not feeling well.  Nothing specific, just a general weakness and malaise.  My sugars are right where they’re supposed to be, I’m not nauseous, my stomach doesn’t hurt, I just feel weak as hell.

     I’m still planning to go to the fireworks on Saturday.  That’s kind of what I want to talk about today.  How are you supposed to make plans when you don’t know on day from another how you’re going to feel?  Buying my ticket in Texas in Feb when I was planning to leave in May was nothing if not a leap of faith.  I suppose that’s what I’m going to do on Saturday, make a leap of faith.  I’m going to tell myself that I will feel well enough to go.

     I’ve never regretted doing something, but have often regretted not doing something I really wanted to do.  I tried to get out of it one year but Sarah, my daughter would have none of it.  She said it was our tradition, I was going, and that was that.  Thank you Sarah.


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