There are Good Days

     It occurred to me today that the only time I update my blog is when I have a “sick” or “hospital” story to tell.  Sometimes it reads like my life isn’t worth living, so I feel like I owe it to you to tell you there are so many wonderful things in my life, and so many beautiful people who love and support me that I really do feel like I’m a very lucky woman.

     I have a husband who gives to me with his whole heart and strives to make all of my dreams come true.  The only thing he asks in return is that I love him back.  I have 5 wonderful children that make me proud every day.  Raising them, watching them grow to see the men and women they’ve become has been a privilege.  Without exception they are truly good people.  I can’t wait to see what life brings them.

     I have friends and neighbors who let me know in so many ways how much they care about me.  I have people in my life I could count on from everything to a ride to the hospital or even a ride to the airport and I hate airports! 

     There are people in my life who have told me that I have made a difference in their  life and I can think of nothing that feels better than that.  To know that I have made someone’s life better.

     I also have an excellent medical team.  To sum up, I do love my life.


2 thoughts on “There are Good Days

    • Thank you Peter, Even in the worst of times I’m cognizent of the fact that there are people who are worse off than I am. I hope I can always see the better side and write more about my good days. I’m off to check out you blog

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