I Remember

     I just finished watching a movie where a woman had breast cancer.  There was a scene when she had just gotten out of the shower after having a mastectomy.  She was wearing a robe and her husband walked up to her and said, “Let me see.”  She took her robe off and her husband kissed her where her breast used to be.  He told her how beautiful she was.

          It reminded me of when I had my colostomy.  I didn’t feel beautiful or sexy in any way.  Hell, I didn’t even feel clean.  It was probably a few weeks after my surgery and I walked into the bedroom after a shower.  Rudy was waiting for me and asked me to drop my towel.  I didn’t want to.  In fact I had been avoiding letting him see me naked.  He laid me on the bed and kissed me from head to toe, all the while telling me how beautiful I was.  My husband sets the standards pretty high.


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