A Little Bit More

     I’ve been so frustrated the past couple of months.  I’m trying really hard not to let it show, but I’m snapping at everyone.  I totally abused some poor outsourced customer service tech last night.  I’ve been so vexed at my new ISP.  I’m supposed to be getting 15mps, and for the first 2 weeks was only getting 1.5.  I’ve had 4 techs out and nothing changed.  Had a bad storm Sat and all the new cable and splitters got fried by a lightning strike.  Hubby replaced all on Sunday and rewired the cable and what do you know I’m getting 11+.  Then the next morning my router died.  At least that’s what the cable company said, so off to the store on Tues. morn for a new one.  We brought it home, seemed to work great and every several hours it cycles off.  ISP says it’s the router and I don’t even understand what the router rep was saying given that English was not his native language.

     Still losing range of motion in right arm and it’s getting harder and harder to function.  Getting dressed is a nightmare and the list of what I can no longer do is growing by the day.  Sleep is harder and harder to get, there is no comfortable place to put my arm and I have to sleep in the same position all night.


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