Struggling, but not too hard

     It’s late here, almost 2am and I can’t sleep.  I can’t find a comfortable place to put my arm where it doesn’t hurt and I’m dealing with a flare-up of my pancreatitis.  The pain is definitely better than last night.  Yesterday was just a bad day and one of those rare ones where I could hardly get out of bed.  The pain in my left arm has definitely improved.  My range of motion still sucks but I think I’ll get some of that back in physical therapy.  There’s still a bone spur that has to be addressed, but I’m just not willing to deal with surgery now.  Unfortunately, my right arm is still in stage 1 where the pain is continuing to increase and the range of motion in this one is so bad, that it’s impossible to dress myself when I’m home alone.  We’ll see what I have left when this cycle is completed.

     I was in the hospital twice this month, one overnight stay and a 3 day stint in ICU a week later.  As soon as I start to feel better I get very insistent on going home and I wonder if I’m pushing so hard to go home that I’m being released earlier than the hospitalists would like.  I would love to hear feedback on that from the doctors and nurses reading.  Does a patient’s eagerness to leave influence the decision to send them home perhaps earlier than they would like?  The ER doctor I saw last night called me today to see how I was feeling,  she really is good to me every time I see her in the hospital and even calls my husband to let him know how I’m doing.  It’s much appreciated.

     We’re having a midsummer night’s party this weekend and I’m really looking forward to getting out of my head for a while and enjoy my friends who have truly become family to Rudy and me.


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