What’s Been Going On

     My family and I are going through some really challenging issues for the past couple of months.  I don’t know how much I want to post about it and have it out there, so I’m just going to write and see where it goes.

     My husband went into a business partnership with his father several years ago and the consequences of that decision are still haunting us on a very personal level.  My father in law is a classic malignant narcissist personality disorder and a host of who knows what other cluster B personality disorders.  This man has robbed us of so much money and is trying his best to drive us out of our home.  I’ve been married to Rudy for 15 years and I’ve always been treated as an outsider.  My husband has already mourned and grieved the loss of his father and as far as he’s concerned, the man is dead to him.

     He’s writing anonymous letters to the Sheriff claiming that we have loud obnoxious drinking parties all the time, and really when he called me (the sheriff is a friend of ours) he thought it was hysterical that the police have never been called to our house.  They write that we have no carpet on our floors,  the wife doesn’t work (that’s me) I only go outside at night and the neighbors are selling me drugs.  Rudy and I have made a point of trying to be positive people who have a positive influence on the people in our lives.  We try to be good, kind and giving people.  We have moments of pure joy in each other’s company, and we really like each other.  His granddaughter that he raised, my niece is staying with us because he beat the shit out of her said she has never see a couple who really liked each other before.  Every relationship that she bas borne witness to is a couple willing to fight to the death about any and every topic.  It is so hard to explain the dysfunction in this family, I only know that my own seems like the Brady Bunch by comparison.

     I try very hard to not care what this man’s opinion of me is and for the most part I succeed at that.  I always brought pies to their home on holidays and I didn’t know that as soon as we left he would throw my pies in the garbage claiming I was so riddled with STD’s that he didn’t want his grandchildren getting sick.  Oddly he always at my ham but he told the kids that my hands didn’t touch it so it was okay to eat.  I don’t know how he thought the thing got in the baking dish.  I must have waved a wand and it sprouted wings and flew in.  I’ve never been the object of such bitter, vile and focused hatred before.  I’m not in a position that I can afford to expend any energy on it.  One of the things Rudy and I figured out is that I get sicker when I’m stressed.

     Such vile things are being said about me and my family that it sickens me.  In the end my husband and our wonderful friends keep telling me that the people who know and love me know that we’re dealing with an evil man that’s full of shit and why should I care about the people who don’t know us.

     Now, I think I’ve said too much, but I want this blog to be real, and honest.  I want it to be about who I am and sometimes that means being vulnerable and opening yourself up.  On my last blog, my evil in-laws posted some horrific things about me culminating in their last post before I shut it down.  They said I should do my husband and his family a favor and swallow a bullet.  Kind of hard not to take that shit personally.  I’m determined to take the high road and be a better person.  Thanks for reading and comments are always appreciated.


2 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On

  1. this reminds me of a story i heard before…dad’s family hated my mom and tried their best to break them up and did numerous things to try which i’m not going to post here but if i remember right you may have been there…what i’m wondering is why they dislike you so much when they have no reason too…rudy absolutely turned your life around and i think you have turned yours around too..they cant judge you on the past they weren’t there and if they were they still cant…everyone makes mistakes and you’ve paid for yours…i dont know rudy’s family or past but i wonder if they think they lost him if he was hurt before or something like well his ex-wife hurt him so will she…i know it’s hard to try to ignore it but you just need to concentrate on your family…hmmm maybe you need some time with your crazy fanning family 😉 we are a colorful bunch 😀 ❤

  2. It’s not my past Lacie. I never had std’s. Rudy’s ex-wife and I are friends and Rudy and I consider her a part of our family and always will. I have done none of the things they accuse me of nor has Rudy.

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