Do You Ever Get A Funny Feeling?

     After 30 some hospital admissions in the past 3 years, you start to know what your body feels like when it’s starting to crash.  I had that feeling all day Monday.  I just didn’t feel right.

     I didn’t know whether to tell Rudy or not, on the one hand why stress him sooner that he has to be.  On the other hand, I don’t hide it very well from him either, he can see it in my face that I’m on a downward slope.

     By the time Tuesday rolled around I was feeling very weak.  I knew I had some paperwork that had to get done, so I called my friend and neighbor down to help me.  We got that done, and I had to run to town to take care of some errands.  It was hot and we had the top down on the car and by the time I got back home I was in really bad shape.  I was very weak, very tired, and felt like my head was in another planet.  Rudy and I talked about how I was feeling and knew I had to go to the hospital. 

     I love the ER docs and nurses at the hospital I go to.  They know me and know how sick I get and get me in right away.  Fluids, pain and anit-nausea meds were started while we waited on lab work.  After the doctor did an arterial blood gas, which is my least favorite way of having blood drawn, he told me he thought he knew what happened.  I was in severe dehydration which was making my body acidic, a very dangerous state as a diabetic.  I also had a massive urinary tract infection.  He also thought that if he admitted me and threw antibiotics at it, that he would be able to get me well enough to go home on oral antibiotics after a day.

     What do you know? By 2pm they had me off the IV pain meds and on oral, by 6 this evening I was feeling so much better.  The doctor also makes rounds after his office hours, so when I saw him check on my roommate, I let him know I was ready to go home.  He said he’d have to check my ketones and he would let me know.  I fell asleep and the next thing I know a nurse is waking me up telling me she is here to pull my port line because I’ve been discharged!

     It was the quickest, most efficient hospital stay I’ve ever had.   I’ve accepted that I’m going to spend my life constantly having to be in the hospital.  I made up my mind I’m going to have as much fun as possible between trips.


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