Texas, A Wedding and ICU

     I flew to Texas a couple of weeks ago to attend my daughter’s wedding and spend a week hanging with my son. Travelling by myself has definitely become more difficult with both my shoulders fubared, but I made it to Texas. My first two nights there I started feeling really sick but kept thinking that I would fall asleep and feel better.
     On Friday when the rehearsal was scheduled I started vomiting uncontrollably and I knew I had to get to a hospital. Heather called 911 and away I go. My nightmare and the thing that I feared most was coming true, I was going to end up in a hospital 1000 miles from home. I will say this, they treated me very well. The doctor came in asked my history and how did they treat my condition at home. I told him they gave me pain meds, antinausea meds and depending on my lab work I was either admitted or sent home in a much more comfortable state, that once I start tossing my cookies I do not stop without medical intervention. He ordered dilaudid and phenergan and started the lab work. Naturally that came back and a flare up of pancreatitis caused a chain reaction with my diabetes and he had to admit me to ICU. I informed everyone that I had to be out Sunday morning because I did not come to Texas to miss my daughter’s wedding.
     When I got to her house Sunday morning I was definitely feeling better. Heather planned her own wedding and it was the most elegant and upscale wedding I’ve ever been to, and I never saw a more beautiful bride.

     I spent a week hanging out with my son and having the time of my life.  I learned some lessons I brought home with me.  It really doesn’t matter how much pain I’m in, I need to get up and do something every day.  I still need to live my life.  When the pain in my arms and shoulders consume me, I remind myself of the people who have no arms who would gladly trade places with me.  I’m going back into physical therapy and I’m going to get dressed every day instead of staying in my pajamas all day.  I really think I needed the time away from home to put some things back into perspective for me.  I didn’t even realize how depressed I had become.  It just feeds on itself until the cycle can be broken.  It’s definitely time for a change.


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