Hubby’s Turn

     So far it’s been a pretty tough year.  I’ve been sicker than I’ve ever been in my life and I’ve been in and out of the hospital.

     My husband does industrial maintanance, and I’ve always known that it could be a dangerous profession.  It really hit home for me on June 18th.  I was running errands and when I came home my daughter met me at the door to tell me that his work just called, that my husband had been in an electrocution accident and was in the hospital.  A couple of my friends went with me and off we ran to the hosptial.  I got there just after the doctor had stitched up his face and told me that he wanted to transfer him to the burn unit in Fort Wayne, just over 1oo miles for us.

     I stayed with him through his 2 day hospital stay which included some skin grafting.  He got some sort of infection in his leg that put him right back in the hospital for a few days.  I never left his side and got a small taste of what he’s been going through and continues to go through with me.

     He was out of work for a couple of months, and we’re still dealing with the nightmare of workers comp.  He has some permanant damage to a nerve in his leg, and some scarring that I think only makes him look handsomer, but other than that he’s as good as new.  Once again we are some pretty lucky people.  It was a 3-phase electrocution, and the survival rate is not that high.  It showed me the internal strength that not only my husband has, but I have too.  I thought if I could get through this with him, then we could get through anything.  Little did I know that theory was about to be tested


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