3 Surgeries in 2 Weeks

  I was back in the hospital twice in February, first with a mrsa infection, followed by more vomiting and wrenching pain in my stomach.  The surgeon came in after a ct scan and told me I had an incisional hernia that had to be repaired.  I made sure he knew about the mrsa, and surgery was scheduled.  For some reason I came out of anesthia mad at the world.  I ripped off my blood pressure cuff and demanded to go home.  It was completely unlike anything I’ve ever done, and it gave the the nickname “The angry redhead.”  My friends still laugh about it.  Either way I got to go home.

     I’m really starting to hate hospitals at this point.  I knew I was getting depressed as hell.  I had the mindset that I was never going to be anything more than a patient and I hated it.  One of my nurses went to the same church I went to and would introduce me to her family and friends as a “problem child” and a frequent flier.  I hated that so much  I eventually changed churches.

     I thought I was healing pretty good until I woke up about 5 days later and the incision was so red and swollen I knew I was going to have to go back in.  I went to the ER, was admitted and the surgeon was by to see me in the morning and scheduled the surgery for later that day.  The mesh had to be removed and a drainage tube was put in and I was put on some heavy duty antibiotics.  I did not get to go home after this surgery.  Good thing because 2 days later the drainage tube lost it’s suction and I was going back into the OR.  The drainage tube was taken out and the incision reopened to heal from the inside out again.  I did get to go home then.  Home health care was back to do packing and dressing changes daily for a week and I seemed to be doing well.

     A few days after that I had to go see my family doctor because I was getting some foul drainage once again.  As soon as he saw me he sent me back to the ER to get admitted for antibiotics.  This was a new doctor that I had only seen maybe 3 times because I had just gotten insurance again, and for some reason I forgot to let him know that I had a port.  The ER doctor remembered and suggested I could do IV antibiotics at home.  It only took a day to arrange and I was so happy that I could stay home.  Of course my refridgerater was stocked with so much vanco, that it looked like a pharmacy.

     I was on so many meds that I was starting to feel like I was becoming my mother.  My frozen shoulder was hurting me so bad, that I asked my ortho to put me on Celebrex and it really seemed to be making a difference.  Little did I know that my whole world was about to come crashing down.


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